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Nothing beats a juicy, cheesy, delicious hamburger and there’s never really a bad time to eat one. Thankfully, Montreal is a true foodie’s paradise with a number of amazing restaurants for any taste and budget. Montreal is also a city with tons of places that serve good hamburgers, but sometimes, you’re craving that true masterpiece of a burger.

For that occasion, we compiled a list of some of the best burger joints near Montreal’s NDG that truly stand out from the bunch.

1. Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce

Alright, if you love amazing burgers, then you’re going to absolutely fall in love with Notre-Boeuf-De-Grace. Stuffing burgers with things like breaded mac and cheese disks and fried eggs, NBDG is an experience you absolutely have to live at least once.

2. Burger  de Ville

59 Westminster Ave N, Montreal-West
If you want a burger that’s straight-up fresh and made with super high-quality ingredients, then look no further. Burger De Ville is king at making sure your hamburger is going to be amazing. They also serve some of the best steaks ever at truly reasonable prices.

3. Capitales Burgers

About 12 minutes drive from NDG: this burger spot is 110% worth the ride. The food is always fresh and flavourful, and with a super solid variety of burgers to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

4. Burger Bar Crescent

This one is a little outside of NDG, but it’s sure worth mentioning. Burger Bar Crescent is home to stunning sky-high hamburgers stuffed with things like onion rings, poutine, and much, much more!

5. Typhoon Lounge

This place is NDG’s hidden jam, well known by locals. Some of the best tasting hamburgers in NDG are made right here. Typhoon is also a nice bar-lounge to visit Friday night for a drink or three.
5752 Monkland Ave, Montreal, QC H4A 1E9